The Decade’s aim is to build support and momentum for the urgent task of halting and eventually reversing the loss of the planet’s biodiversity.

This aim follows those set out in the UN’s Strategy Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, agreed by governments October 2010, and the Aichi Targets – the 5 strategic goals and 20 ambitious yet achievable targets within the plan.

Through its ‘Biodiversity is Us’ project, WAZA has developed a set of tools to make it easy for you to engage your visitors and inspire them to take action to support biodiversity. These ready-to-use tools include videos, posters, an interactive App and a managed social media community.

A series of eye-catching posters that promote core messages and App. The posters can be customised with your own logo. They are available in 5 languages and can be customised with your own logo. 

A choice of 6 different visuals.

A fun and free App packed full of useful information (400 species, 365 actions) games and quizzes. Links to Facebook help users share their discoveries with friends and family. 

Download the app with the QR code or search on your smartphone or tablet via  Apple store or Google Play "Biodiversity Is Us" 

Discover how Zoos and Aquariums are conserving biodiversity.

Discover 400 different animal species.

Be inspired with a new action everyday.

Place species in their distribution range.

You also can see a video of the app demo, available in 5 languages on Youtube.

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