Filming with a drone in Geneva...


Filming with a drone in Geneva...

On the 20th, 21st and 22nd of May, messaggio organized the filming of air images with a drone in cinema quality.

The filming will be realised with a very specific drone which allows to take the movie cameras (RED) of a relatively large weight on it. That allows us to have the video of high cinematographic quality. 

Symbolic places such as : Palais des Nations and Place des Nations…

Breathtaking places such as:  Jet d’eau of Geneva and Lac Léman,...

An experienced filming director: 
Jean-Christophe Ventoso

Since 1995, Jean-Christophe realise cinematographic quality films.

In 2008, he starts to work on the production and piloting of drone dedicated for the cinema.

Since 2 years, he works in collaboration with experienced pilots in order to devote himself to the filming.

This drone can fly in extreme conditions such as very low temperature (-25° to -30°C), with wind that can go over 40kms/h and soon it will be able to resist to rain and snow.

An experienced pilot:
Nick Di Biase

Since 10 years, Nick is one of the best drone pilots all over the world.

He participates in shootings all over the globe, thanks to its expertise and its technical knowledge about the devices such as drones.

He will be here during the shooting in Geneva. Come and talk with him.

• Ultra high resolution (6K)

• Photos of 19 million pixels

• Slow motion 12 images per second

1 Octocopter with 8 motors with cinema quality video camera 18 kg