Progress and impact series

RBM Progress and impact series


Progress and impact series

Messaggio has been working with RBM (Roll Back Malaria, a division of the World Health Organisation) for several years, and has designed and produced this series of reports, in both French and English, which are rich in all kinds of graphics and maps; all these elements are subject to great scrutiny from RBM, both in terms of content and design. 

New: universal digital publication

  • multiple formats (tablet, smartphone, computer, in iOS and Android versions)
  • online (website) or offline (download via Google Play or Apple Store)
  • fixed design (or reflowable if preferred) and all potential rich media options (sound, video, interactivity, etc.)

RBM has been our first partner, asking us to publish its reports digitally: the organisation wanted a fixed design which resembled hard copy publications, as well as an innovative page turn technique.

messaggio is developing this type of publication in ePub3 format, which meets digital publication standards and comes with the required app (e-book) so that users have all the options they need while reading.

Téléchargez la bibliothèque RBM sur votre tablette

Example of a digital publication:

Offline app: scan this QR code using your tablet (iOS or Android)

Online: follow this link RBM online

RBM and messaggio partnership
messaggio has been collaborating with the RBM team for a number of years now. We defined the graphic chart for their reports and produce output on a number of different supports.

Our team has an excellent understanding of the aims and methods of this type of structure and can thus focus completely on providing the best output for the task at hand.