messaggio is a team of enthusiastic men and women who take pride in providing communications expertise to public interest organizations.

messaggio also represents a group of professionals with varied backgrounds, education, and personalities who provide clients with a wide range of skills as well as the unbelievable ability to work as a single unit whatever the project. Our diversity and broad skill set form one solid and unified team!

  • Richard Petit - messaggio

    Richard Petit

    Associate, Sales Director

    Very engaged in the principles of the public interest sector, he is responsible for ensuring that our clients are satisfied with the outcome of all our projects. With professional experience in communications and production, he oversees all our collaborations.

    Cécile Favier

    Cécile Favier

    Chargée de relation clientèle Suisse

    Diplômée d'une licence communication et spécialisée hypermedia, Cécile est hyper disponible, hyper passionnée et hyper polyvalente... selon les clients!

    Douée d’une grande conscience professionnelle et d’un sens de l’engagement fort, elle «cocoone» ses clients suisses et apporte un service de proximité qui est très apprécié. 

  • Delphine versmée Petit

    Delphine Petit

    Associate and Head of Production

    During her 20 years of experience in managing production processes for various types of communications, Delphine has amassed competencies ranging from printing to digital applications, passing through the supervision of events. She is a beacon of good practice and provides a greatly appreciated support to our project managers.

    Véronique Peytavin

    Véronique Peytavin

    Administrative and financial manager

    Véronique is our accountant and responsible for all deliveries. Rigor and precision are her hallmark traits. Within the team, we would also say her kindness and open spirit!

  • Franck Vasserot

    Franck Vasserot

    Associate and Artistic Director

    An illustrator trained at the Emile Cohl design school in Lyon, Franck has worked freelance in both illustration and advertising design. His strength resides in an astute ability to transform the client’s needs into a creative and original visual representation.

    Florence Castaing

    Florence Castaing

    Artistic Director

    Florence is a truly creative force of nature. She graduated from one of Lyon’s most prestigious design schools (ESAA Condé) with a degree in applied arts, and joined our team in 2007. Through her talent and commitment it took little time for us to entrust her with managing projects and budgets for important healthcare and UN clients. She excels in visual identity and web design. Florence has extensive experience with traditional and 3D techniques, photography, animation, and uses them masterfully.

  • Romain Petit

    Romain Petit

    ICT Manager

    Graduating with a diploma in information technology and networks, Romain has specialised in new media. Heʼs the one man stop for our internet development and multimedia projects. With his brain nicely split between Mac and PC, he is the perfect technician for our creative projects.

    Jean-Christophe Ventoso

    Jean-Christophe Ventoso

    Audiovisual Director & Partner

    Perfectionist and enthusiastic would be the two words that describe him best.JC graduated from the French film making school ESRA. He's been directing our movies for many years, in close collaboration with our artistic directors.Backed by a 20 years' experience in film making, post-production, special effects and animation, JC makes a wide variety of videos for promotional campaigns of public interest.