The website www.messaggio.eu.com (hereafter referred to as “Website”) is edited by the company messagio whose main office is located at the following address: rue du Tir au Canon 4, c/o Hedco SA – 1227 Carouge GE – Switzerland,registered with the Geneva canton company registry, under registration number CH-660.1.844.012-1 (hereafter referred to as “messaggio”).

messaggio can be contacted by email, on the “contact” page, or by telephone at the following number: +41 22 566 06 65– the Senior Editor is Mrs. Delphine Petit, Associate and President.


The Website is hosted by messaggio mentioned above.


The user is forbidden to use the Website and its services in any manner that conflicts with current regulations, with appropriate online behavior, and in general any act that could potentially damage the interests and image of messaggio.


All logos, brands, identification marks, text, graphics, photos, images of any nature, and any other elements within the website are the exclusive property of messaggio. The User understands that any inappropriate use of the Website or elements within the Website violates messaggio’s ownership rights, and that this inappropriate use has consequences. The User is expressly forbidden, without prior expressed written consent from messaggio, from:

>> Reproducing, by whatever means, all or any part of the Website or any elements within the Website.

>> Exploiting, selling, or distributing, for free or for payment, any element within the Website such as advertisements, descriptions, data, or photos.

>> Modify, delete or alter, in whatever manner and using whatever procedure, all or any part of the Website.

Without prejudice or consideration of the damages suffered by messaggio, the User will be required to pay a penalty of 3.000 CHF for any and all violations of the present clause as compensation for the damages incurred.


5.1. Hyperlinks to the Website

messaggio authorizes the creation of hyperlinks to the Website under the following terms and conditions.

The link must open a new window in the web browser, use the Website’s URL address in its entirety, including the legal and intellectual property notices. This hyperlink may only be integrated into a website that respects current regulations and whose objective will not damage the Website’s image, most notably with regard to the notions of integrity, honesty, and decency. In this regard, the hyperlinking website must also comply with the quality, commercial, and ethical standards of the Website.

“Framing” and other external hyperlinks that allow access to the Website using the URL address of a third-party website are strictly forbidden.

5.2. Hyperlinks from the Website
The Website may contain hyperlinks to websites edited by a third party. Note that messaggio has no control over these websites and their content. messaggio is in no way responsible for access, browsing, content and use of these websites and any information, whatever its nature, contained therein. Activating these hyperlinks is the sole responsibility of the User.